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Starting Up Again

Starting Up Again

So we are here now, for real, settling into St Andrews, New Brunswick. The settling into the community has been easy and welcoming, the moving of the nursery has been... a lot of work (I'm not going to lie). But piece by piece it's coming together, one day at a time - before the winter comes!

Here's some pictures of what's been happening. We do not have a single garden in place, so bear with us as it's all just 'nursery building' for now.

There's no question, it's a beautiful area. The nursery is on a sloping 25 acres of bush (coniferous, birch and oak), that trails down with a stream to "Brandy Cove", a happening place when rum smuggling across the border was a thing in Passamaquoddy Bay, as across the bay lies Maine. Our neighbours are the Federal Biological Station (can bee seen in the picture below) and the Huntsman Marine Science Centre. Tides drastically change the view twice a day, exposing crabs, anemones, eels, jellyfish, mussels and whatever else the kids dredge up to show us.

tide out:

tide in:

Stream to the ocean:

We were welcomed with a field of lupines in June:

Hauling plants was a bit of an issue until one of our customers (Roger!) told us about a pig hauler that could take them on his back haul from Ontario. Bingo! It worked perfectly with plenty of shelving and air. Who would have thought, eh?

So then the building of hoop houses started (in conjunction with winterizing the parent's home).

We need three hoop houses - one is heated the other two are cold. Right now we have two of the three done, and the next should be up within a week, ready for winter.

And now we can finally start getting the plants moved in, organized and propagated for sale. It looks like a chotic mess, but it will sort itself out in time.

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